Sports betting is one of those things that can be a lot fun and can be great when you are winning. The problem is that you don’t always win and those down times can be really depressing. The solution to all of that is to have a money management system in place that makes all of your betting money expendable. That means that if you lose it all, you will still be able to put food on the table and pay the mortgage. The best part is that if you win, then it is all profit.

The best way to start off your money management system is to find an amount that you can bet which is not part of your essential household funds. Do not go into your bill money and do not go into your family savings account. Set aside a little each week until you have the bankroll that you want to get started. Keep all of your gambling funds separate from your house funds. If you run out of gambling money, then work some overtime to fill your gambling account back up.


The worst temptation that gamblers get is to think that they can make that one big score and get back to even again. If you were never down in the first place, then you won’t need to get even. Using extra cash that you made on your own will prevent you from losing money you cannot afford to lose and will also keep everyone else in your house happy.

Always gamble with cash. You can get a debit card that pulls money from your bank account for your online gambling, but that account should only be based on the cash you have available to bet. Betting with credit is a bad idea because of the interest. After a few years, you wind up paying more in interest charges than you had originally spent on betting. It is not a good financial move to bet with credit.

When you start accounts for your online betting, you should start two accounts. The first account is the account that you put your initial start-up funds into. The other account is where you put your winnings. The ideal situation is to have so much in winnings that you can just pull money from there to add even more to your account. But if the winnings account is empty, then you will need to raise more betting capital.

Set a limit for yourself each time you set out to gamble. If you have $1,000 in your betting bank account, then decide that you are only going to bet $500 of it so you can preserve $500 for another day. If you win $1,100 with your efforts, then put that into your winnings account and leave it. If you bet the other $500 and lose it the next day, then you can decide how much of your $1,100 in winnings you want to move over to your betting account.

It takes will power to stick to a betting money management program. But once it gets rolling, you will see how it can help you to have fun and make money gambling without going deep into debt.

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A good gambler can earn good money with sports betting online. In order to be a consistent winner though you must acquire some necessary skills. The consistent winner does not depend on luck or on hunches. That would be a recipe for disaster. What is needed to be a winner with sports betting is an expert knowledge of the sport, an understanding of how odds work, and the skills to analyze statistical data.

The successful gambler does not rely on hunches or luck. Only fools think that they can beat the percentage. There are two primary skills required to win at sports betting: an expert knowledge of the sport, and an ability to recognize favorable odds.

What you need to do in order to be a successful gambler

1. Understand how to use the body of statistics collected teams and players performance.

To be a consistent winning gambler you must understand how to use the body of statistics collected teams and players performance. It is imperative that you understand odds. It is not simply a question of predicting who will win a game. The winning gambler must have the talent to recognize favorable odds. You can pick the winner of a game and still lose your bet if your team does not cover the spread.

2. Understand odds

Successful sporting better requires more than just predicting who will win the game. To win consistently you must understand odds. The winner can recognize favorable odds. It does you little good to predict the winner if the odds are poor. It does you little good if you do predict the winner but the final score does not fall within the spread. Developing this skill cannot be over emphasized.

3. Understand online bookmaking

Online sports’ betting is simply online bookmaking and operates the same way as a regular bookmaker in real time. The transaction occurs over the web but that is really the only difference. Wagering on sports on the web is not an activity that you jump into casually. You must study the sport and do some mock wagering on paper first before you use real money.

An online sport betting is not much different than bookmaking on the streets. The only difference is that the transaction occurs over your web browser. Notwithstanding your ambitions to be a big time winner, wagering money on sports on the internet should not be an impulsive act. People have lost considerable amounts of money who have gambled when they do not know what they are doing. Study the game and learn how the experts recognize favorable odds. Gamble on paper for practice for a long while before you actually risk your hard earned cash.

4. Do some simulated gamings before you start gambling with real money

Before you start gambling with real money do some simulated gaming. Make some bets on paper first. This is a great way to learn ropes. It can be valuable lesson since you will not lose any real money. Keep records of your simulated sports betting. Do not ventured into actual betting until you are getting profitable results in your simulated wagering.

There are good opportunities for making money with sports betting online. However, the profits do not come to those who depend on luck or play hunches. The profit will come to those who follow the basic rules: understand the sport, understand bookmaking operations and odds, and can recognize favorable betting opportunities


Sport betting might very well be one of the oldest forms of gambling around; it has existed for as long as competitive sports themselves. While it certainly represents an entertaining pastime for sports enthusiasts and casual gamblers, sport betting can also be a handy source of profit if approached systematically.

The Basics

One of the most important aspects of any form of gambling, including sport betting, is knowing how to effectively manage the money you intend to invest. If you are planning to bet, it is probably a good decision to set aside a certain amount of money that you can afford to play with. If you’re a beginner, make sure that the designated amount is something you could financially afford to lose, because in the beginning, you probably will. After all, it takes time to practice and develop a sensible approach to sport betting. No matter how tempting the odds sometimes are, you should never stake all of your designated betting money at once. This approach can quickly lead to financial hardships and gambling addiction.

Being informed is one of the most important assets for an aspiring bettor. Sign up for at least a few bookmakers so that you can form an objective sense of realistic odds. Besides, different bookmakers might – and often do – have better odds for different sports. For example, one bookmaker might have better odds for basketball, while another one has better odds for association football / soccer. You should also keep records and possess statistical knowledge – when it comes to sport betting, it literally pays to be informed about things like career statistics, team histories, events, and so on.

Understanding Odds

Aside from the mechanics of sport betting, which are quite straightforward, odds are among the most important aspects of sport betting. Odds essentially serve two purposes: firstly, they form the basis upon which you can calculate the payout of a winning wager. Secondly, odds serve to illustrate the probability of the outcome you’re betting on. The higher the probability, the lower the odds will be. Learning how to calculate and convert odds is likely to decide whether you stand a chance to profit from sport betting.

Betting Online

If you are new to sport betting, registering on an online gambling room is a sensible first step. Aside from being convenient and easy, betting online will help you learn the basics and pick up the terminology of sport betting rather quickly. In addition, many of the more popular sport betting websites usually offer different bonuses and rewards. These can be encouraging to a novice bettor, and, over time, significantly affect the amount of profit you’re earning from sport betting.

Being Prepared to Lose

Even some of the more seasoned bettors often make the mistake of trying to figure out some sort of magical system which guarantees profit. It is essential to understand that there simply is no such thing. The very nature of gambling means that no amount of skill or mathematical knowledge will ever be enough to guarantee that you’ll always make money in sport betting. However, with just a bit of realism and logical reasoning, you can turn betting into a handsomely profitable hobby.


Gaming and gambling has turned into a highly profitable hobby, especially for the best players. The right combination of luck and skills can definitely turn your free time to gold. However, now everyone has the time to regularly visit casinos and gaming establishments. Your hectic schedule may be getting in your way of fulfilling your gaming dreams.

Fortunately, this no longer has to be the case, thanks to the numerous reputable gambling websites (such as Zodiac Casino website)  that you can now find online. By visiting these sites, you will be able to put your skills to the test on your spare time.

If you are a slots fanatic, for example, you can visit online video slots websites any time that you see fit. Of course, you have to make sure that you play only in websites that present great odds and even greater wins. Here are three of the best online video slots that offer great value to casual and avid gamers alike.

Cricket Star Slot

This online video slot is a great option for novice players because it has a simple and user-friendly interface. The Cricket Star icon takes the place of the usual wild symbol and a white cricket ball takes the place of the scatter. The latter is perhaps the most valuable symbol in the game, because it allows players to collect up to 12,500 coins for 5 maximum bets.

Cricket Star Slot also offers free spins, which then activates the Rolling Reels feature of the game. This one-of-a-kind feature eliminates winning symbols when they appear on your roster and replaces them with the icons above them. This means better chances to line up more wins, especially for players who are extremely lucky.

Football Star Slot

Football fans that want to try their luck will have a blast with Football Star Slot. It features a 5×3 reel interface that is easy to use for players with varying skill set and expertise. Multipliers can reach up to x10, but novice players are lucky to reach the x3 level. While this game offers no over the top multiplier features, stacked wilds offer chances for multiple wins.

This game also offers free spins that players can earn by winning certain combinations. For example, player who successfully hit five scatters are rewarded with a whopping 25 free spins.

Rugby Star Slot

Another online video slot at Zodiac Casino that offers big wins is the Rugby Star Slot, which is an online slot that is equipped with five reels and three rows. This game offers up to 243 ways to win that are situated in a digital setting that is designed to appeal to rugby enthusiasts.

Symbols on the reels are all related to the game of rugby, including players from the best teams. It also comes with rolling reels and free spin features that present high chances of winning, even for novice players. Five scatters generate 25 free spins, four scatter give 20 free spins, and three scatters reward players with 15 spins. It also has a wild pass features that randomly re-spins for almost guaranteed wins.